'Aajacha Divas Maza!' - the story revolves round one day in the life of a dynamic Chief Minister who has got a new lease of political life by the centre. It is a one night story. It shows the human side of the politicians and bureaucrats as never before. It is very well received and appreciated by mass and class and got rave reviews. (White Swan Productions-2013)

'Tukaram' traces the journey of a common man to sainthood.. This great saint-poet awakened the self esteem of the common people. He instilled in them the emotion that their lives were valuable too. He brought verve and confidence to a frustrated, depressed society. What better miracle could there be? The film was rewarded by Colours Screen Award & Maharashtra State Govt. (Everest Entertainment-2012)
'Kadachit' a forth back to back silver jubilee film. It is a psychological drama that questions the validity of human perception. Twenty years after testifying that her father killed her mother, Gayatri, a leading neurosurgeon is shocked to learn her father may be innocent. Moved to action by looming guilt, thinking she was responsible for his twenty years in prison. Gayatri, struggling to accept this, falls into depression. Her quest to resolve her guilt and to find the truth behind her mother's murder is 'Kadachit'. (Kasa Films-2007)
'Kay Dyacha Bola!' a super hit golden jubilee movie. A hilarious satire on Indian judiciary system, where a rural based lawyer tries to save his relative who is accused of murder along with his friend. The argument in the court between the two opponent lawyers brings forth the differences between the rural and the urban ways of life. In this film dialect of Marathwada region was interestingly used. It was also rewarded by Govt. of Maharashtra. (Tamhankar Productions-2005)

'Bhet' another silver jubilee & Critically acclaimed film. Winner of more than 30 Awards. Including Maharashtra State Govt., Alfa Gaurav etc.


Sudha is divorced once and is now married again and leading a contented, happy life. Sudha’s first son Ananda stays with his father. Though happy he secretly pines for his mother whose faint memory still cherishes in his mind. Sudha is also restless for not having a glance at her son in 8 years. Ananda expresses his wish to meet his mother but for the society, this meeting is not as easy as it should be. The layers of intense relationship makes this travel extremely watchable. (Ishan & Jigisha Films-2002)

'Bindhaast' was a trendsetter and breathed fresh air to the Marathi film industry. 'Bindhaast' is a saga of two friends - Vaiju & Mayuri having strong emotional bond. They come from different backgrounds but are inseparable. The story revolves around them & gradually becomes a suspense thriller. It was a block buster entertainer as well as critically acclaimed. A silver jubilee film with only female characters. It was a winner of more than 25 awards including Screen Videocon, Filmfare and Maharashtra State Govt. Award. (1999) The south Indian film industry was also impressed with the film. It has been remade in four south Indian languages. (Devyani Movies-1999)